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Cisco Product repair services

TieDot Technologies offers industry-leading Cisco Product repair services. With an expert staff of technicians and an advanced tech center, we are well suited to serve your repair needs.

repair Used Cisco Product repair services: :

Cisco Routers
Cisco Switches
Cisco Firewalls Security
Cisco IP Phone VOIP
Cisco Wireless AP
Cisco Modules and Cords

We stand behind our promise to repair your Cisco equipment right the first time. That is why EVERY Cisco Products repair order comes with our industry leading 60days GUARANTEED warranty.

All Cisco repair products must pass an inspection, upgrade and update checklist performed by our very own in-house Certified Engineers. This includes testing under a variety of conditions to ensure that electronics, connectivity ports, memory configuration, firmware/software and electronic components perform to our standards.

Checklist Prior to Stocking
1. Open Chassis
2. Check Power Supply and Fan
3. Check Interface Card Slots
4. Check Flash and DRAM Memory
5. Check Firmware and Software
6. Check Power On/Off Switch
7. Check Power Indicator Lights
8. Check Fan Noise
9. Check Console Cable Connectivity
10. Review Boot Sequence
11. Record Flash, DRAM, NVRAM and Shared memory sizes
12. Check firmware and software versions
13. Clean System Board and Fan Assembly
14. Clean Chassis Exterior
15. Include Rack Mount Kit and Console Cable
16. Include CD Documentation, if available
17. Create Inventory Data Sheet with Serial Numbers
18. Box and inventory the unit

Order Fulfillment

19. Run configuration to determine hardware/software compatibility
20. Upgrade memory if required to load updated firmware/software
21. Update firmware and software if needed
22. Insert interface modules
23. Reboot System to check complete hardware/software compatibility
24. Create Packing List With Serial Numbers
25. Compare Packing List With Customer PO for Order Accuracy
26. Record any configuration issues on the packing list
27. Notify the customer via email with the tracking number

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