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Fiber Enclosures

Outdoor Joint Enlosure

Description :

2 way in / 2 way out outdoor fiber optical joint enclosure, with 12, 24, 36, 48, cores capacity dome (vertical) type. Plastic body, metal shelf ,fiber splice tray, airtight materials, heat shrinkable protecting tube,hang tools etc in set.


» Advanced internal structure design
» The casing is made of high quality ABS, compact and lightweight.
» Lightning strike, erosion, aging resistance.
» Logical design, waterproof structure, easy installation, convenient maintenance.
» Easy to re-enter, it never requires re-entry kits.
» Elastic seal fitting , easy for future capacity upgrades and re-enters.
» Insert plates and fixing bolts are used for fixation of closure.


» Dimensions: 190 X 130 X 500 mm.
» Material: Box - Plastic body.
» Spool - FR Grade ABS.
» Splice Tray - Aluminum + ABS.
» Splice Tray Dimensions : 140 x 125 x 10mm.

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