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Network Management Software

Liteview Manager

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Liteview Manager is intelligent, web-based centralized management application software for MRO-TEK range of networking products.
It's easy to use GUI menus help in inventory management along with provisioning, configuration and monitoring, providing complete end to end control over Service Provider's last mile management infrastructure


Network management on Linux platform
Web access support
OutAuto discovery of devices across LAN/WAN
Verify Node/Device Status across network
Group based Policy Definition for large networks
Configuration support
Perform Compliance audits for security
Central Device Management for enabling/disabling devices across network
Auto scheduling of database backup/archiving
On-demand performance reporting
Hierarchical User access & device allocation
Programmed Pop-up Alarms
SNMPv1/v2 standards management
Application centric management product
Event collection, filtering and forward actions
User configurable thresholds for alarm
Server resource monitoring and thresholds
North bound Interface for integration and reporting
Detailed Configurable Trap management
Telnet Server and hierarchical clients
Monitoring and statistical reporting with graphs
Archives record for up to one year
Intensive logging for all configuration changes
Security management
Email Notifications for Alarms
Tracking ports/device for customer/locations

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