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WDM/OADM Product range

Cycus Series

Cycus-01 Cycus-08

Cycus series from MRO-TEK for Carriers, Service Providers and Enterprises enables to build high capacity networks at lower costs using one of the most popular technologies – Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM).
Cycus 08/04 (8-channel/4-channel Passive Mux/De-Mux) increases fiber capacity upto 8/4 folds by combining multiple channels at various CWDM wavelengths over single fiber pair with isolation of 20nm and low insertion loss. Cycus 08/04 with redundancy option can increase the total capacity of the fiber pair upto 40 Gbps.
Cycus 01 (Single Channel Passive OADM) provides "Drop and Insert" and "Drop and Pass" functionality. This is to terminate (Drop) one or more of the wavelengths from the fiber pair locally while allowing other wavelengths to flow through (Pass) to other nodes. In a similar fashion "Drop and Insert" ability allows a particular CWDM wavelength to be added locally into the CWDM system for transport over single fiber pair.


Cycus-08/04 - 19" rack mountable Passive optical CWDM system
Cycus-01 - Single channel Optical Add/Drop Mux
ITU G694.2 CWDM wavelength grid
Support for upto 8 different channels, each carrying upto 2.5 Gbps of bandwidth
Color coded port labels for easy identification
High Isolation of 20nm spacing (1471-1611nm)
Optional ring protection capability on all channels on dual ring
OADM supports add/drop and drop/pass of wavelength
LC connector
Passive Module, requires no Power
Protocol Transparency
Very low insertion Loss

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